About Love the Look

You may not think so, but beauty and grooming hold great importance in the world, we live in. So if you think that the concept of beauty is all about egocentric product pushing, think again – or leave this blog immediately!

Because a modern beauty concept is so much more than merely the fragrance you spray on the skin or the lotion you put on your skin. Beauty is loaded with all kinds of possible and impossible things that surround us on a daily basis. From the latest trends in fashion, cutting-edge technologies and progress and, of course, the very best within marketing and advertising.

Love the Look is a blog not only about the very best products for him and her, but also about trends, personalities, music, commercials, articles and a variety of those features that combined make up a pretty diverse, rather complicated, somewhat confusing, often insane, at times funny and completely fantastic world of beauty and grooming.

Love the Look is a non-profit and non-commercial blog and expresses solely the views of its publisher, Mikkel Hyldebrandt.

About Mikkel Hyldebrandt

I have always had a profound fascination with fragrance and skin care products. Whether it was my dad leaving the bathroom smelling wonderfully of aftershave, or my mom wearing a dab of Opium before going out to a dinner party, I marveled even as a kid about the wondrous world that seemed to unfold when using these products. So when I was old enough, I was practically itching to get my hands on my first fragrance and skin care products.

And the interest – if not passion – has persisted ever since: Through the years working in the beauty department of a department store, when I was a freelance writer, as a beauty director and as a member of the jury of the official Danish Beauty Award. Even today I still feel the thrill when presented with a new beauty product.

Love the Look is for all those like-minded out there who share my passion for all those things that ultimately make the world we live in a more beautiful place.”

- Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Love the Look!