Like soft fluffy whipped cream for your face!

I pride myself of being a little bit of an expert on shaving. Not only because I have been shaving for 20+ years, but also because I actually started shaving in a wrong way (against the grain and with no skin prep), which for many years caused my skin to be overly sensitive and have lots of breakouts. Today, through years of trial and error, I have my shaving routine down and I know exactly what works for me - and for all other guys prone to skin irritation and razor bumps! It's all about preparing the skin and stubble for the shave, using good products, shaving carefully with short, soft strokes and treating the skin afterwards.


One very important step is the shaving emollient. After testing out literally hundreds of foams, gels and creams, I've come to the conclusion that I like foam the best. Gels are usually to watery and don't generate enough of a foam and creams generally put the blade too close to my skin. So foam it is. But not just any kind of foam, because it should be rich and full - kinda like the texture of whipped cream. Sure, you might be thinking, rich, luxurious shave foam is going to cost me fortune, but that's far from the case. I've newly discovered one of the best foams I've ever tried and it's from  Nivea Men (see photo). At less than $3 a can this one will far from break the bank and give you a safe, soft shave at the same time - with plenty of luxurious whipped cream foam for your face!


Mail from home – Rudolph Care Sun

Just in time for my summer vacation to Hilton Head,  I received a very pleasant package from my home country, Denmark. The sender was Rudolph Care, founded by the beautiful Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, who after a toxin test, discovered that she had very high toxin levels - and that they came in part from skincare products! So, she decided to create her own clean skincare and on her journey she discovered the acai berry, which is exceptionally rich in antioxidants. The same berry is the basis for all of her products, which besides it's antioxidant properties also has a pleasant scent - both a trademark for her wonderful products.

Rudolph care

I've tried, tested and loved just about all the products in her lineup except for the sun products, and boy, they did not disappoint either. The Rudolph Sun Organic Sun Face Cream SPF 30 was rich and absorbed easily without leaving a trace on your skin. But the real star is as far as I'm concerned, the Rudolph Care Organic Sun Body Oil SPF 30. It's amazing how an oil as rich and nourishing as this one can actually protect your skin without burning it - and without lying an oily filter on top of your skin. Simply amazing.

Both products are long gone, so now there only hoping that I will either go back to Denmark before next summer - or that Rudolph Care will launch in the U.S. Here's hoping.



King Of The Road

I love to travel. Not just because of the obvious in experiencing new destinations, but also because I really enjoy how your life is suddenly simplified and re-seized to fit in a bag (or three). Which is why I also love travel sizes when it comes to skincare products.



For this year's travels I might end up going for this King Of The Road luxury travel set by Jack Black because it contains everything yo would need - a facial cleanser, scrub, shave cream, moisturizer with SPF, hair & body cleanser and body lotion. Notice how some of the products multitask like the moisturizer which is also a sunscreen , the shampoo which can also be used on your body and the shave cream which doubles as a after shave treatment.

Simple, easy and perfect for a vacation!


Super Shade Orange

Few colors pop and sizzle like orange. And right now it is one of the 'it' colors both in fashion and beauty. Just look at one of the current looks from MAC  coincidentally named All About Orange!


Photo: MAC PR

You may think orange is not a color for makeup but actually it works really well. Most red nuances for lipstick have plenty yellow or orange pigment in them to deepen and balance the redness, which is why an entirely orange color actually works on the mouth.

The same goes for blush where a orange nuance will actually appear pinkish on skin with a natural red color tone. And when it comes to nail color there are no limits as to how popping orange it can get as nails are kinda like the playground for makeup.


Photo: MAC PR

All About Orange  is available now online and in MAC stores.


Sketchy Beauty

We have all been there: obsessing over a minor flaw that in our own minds have grown insurmountable, but in reality is not even noticed by others. Because of course we edit the way we view ourselves in the mirror (to look our best to ourselves), and of course that image is in most cases not an accurate projection of how you really look. To others that is.

The clip above (three minutes long and worth every second)  is a fairly simple experiment done by Dove, which displays the major discrepancies that create a virtual gap between how you view yourself and how others view you. A group of women were asked to describe how they looked to a professional sketch artist as honestly and accurately as possible. Successively, random people were asked to describe the same women to the same sketch artist - again as honestly and accurately as possible.

The result? The difference in how the women looked at themselves and how others viewed them was staggering. The women tended to focus on their flaws (large forehead, round face and wrinkles etc.) and neglected to include their best features (kind, blue eyes, beautiful hair and great smile etc.). So naturally, put next to each other the difference between the two sketches is immense. And touchingly so, because most of the 'self' image sketches look nothing like the person, while the portrait created from strangers does. See for yourself right here.

We are all our own worst critics - especially when it comes to how we look. But as this simple experiment shows, the way you look is much more about how you feel you look. And that image isn't always pretty. But with the words of Dove, who is committed to building self-esteem in women all over the world: You are more beautiful than you think.


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