Are the 90s coming back?

The quick answer to that is: They 90s are already here! In case you haven't noticed, fashion right now is spilling over with references to the decade that gave us high-waisted jeans, CK and Hilfiger logo t-shirts, and bucket hats.

What's interesting is that the trend is spilling into the beauty and grooming universe as well. It seems that some of the big nineties fragrances are either being relaunched or revived - and personally, I like it!

Video: YouTube, Paco Rabanne

Another way you can spot the trend is by looking at the advertising surrounding these new fragrances. To say that fragrance advertising was never bold would be wrong, but if you look at the ad above for the new Pure XS by Paco Rabanne, there is something bolder and cheekier about it that goes beyond the usual super aesthetics of a fragrance ad.

Add to that, the original XS fragrance was launched in 1993 and quickly became one of the signature fragrances of the time with its bold freshness and flip top. Back then, XS was a play on the words excess and sex, and with the new launch it seems that the fragrance is returning to that same theme - also considering the ute storyline of the ad with the man undressing not knowing (or does he?) that he is being observed by a horde of sexy women who end up literally swooning. It's cheeky and sexy, to say the least.




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