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Like most guys, I love the feeling of a fresh haircut. Nothing makes me feel sharper and ready to take on the world like the feel of a skin fade and some nice styling product in my strands.

Since moving to Atlanta, I have discovered the barber shop, which is experiencing a revival right now. A barber shop is a refuge for men where you can sit back and be totally still or talk your barber's ear off while getting a perfect fade and your beard trimmed. And most importantly for me: the barber shop is not a hair salon where you may get a towel wrapped around your head like a turban or have your hair styled into meticulous coif. Don't get me wrong, I like a good hair salon - but I prefer the relaxed atmosphere of a barber shop.

Here are my three picks for barber shops in the Atlanta area - and if you have a favorite barber shop, please let me know, I'd love to try it out! 

Atlas Barber Co. by Chapin Mosley
I met this guy when he was at the Shave Barber Shop (more about that next), and a friend of mine recommended him when he decided to go solo and open his own shop (thanks, Nick!). And solo is exactly what he is - there is only one chair in his shop so all of the attention is on you. This dude is literally a master barber so don't forego getting your beard trimmed by Mr. Mosley. He will take you in and he will visualize a plan for your head (and beard), and you're going to want to stick with it because this guy is in the know! And if you play golf it's a plus because he's huge golf fan.
Pros: Expert haircuts, beard trims, and shaves. Easy online booking system. Never any waiting time.
Cons: This guy is popular so book well in advance! Price point is somewhat high, but it's damn well worth it.

The Trophy Room Barber Shop
This neighborhood style barber is located in the East Atlanta Edgewood/Kirkwood area and is owned and run by Rolando who is as fun as he is good with shears. The Trophy Room employs several great professionals, but I feel the time with Rolando is a bit of treat. They're currently expanding to house more professionals and along with the Spotted Trotter (boutique charcuterie next door), they're the reason why the little square is gaining some good neighborhood shopping momentum.
Pros: Great, reasonably priced haircuts, fun atmosphere, and accommodating booking options (call-in or online).
Cons: Seems a little off the beaten path, but you won't regret visiting the other shops on the square or explore East Atlanta surrounding the shop (Edgewood and Kirkwood).

The Shave Barber Shop
The Shave works as a traditional barber shop concept where no appointments are offered, it's all first come first serve. You can check in to see if your favorite stylist is on schedule for the day you want a haircut, but you simply have to show up. Sometimes you're lucky to get in a chair immediately, and others you'll have to wait for a text or call that will give you about 20 minutes to make it back to the shop for a cut. A have tried several professionals (including Chapin Mosley mentioned above), and they're all on a good, high level. The place is usually bustling, especially on weekends.
Pros: Good, reasonably priced haircuts and beard trims, and a good, central location (N. Highland).
Cons: The wait to get a hair cut can mess up your day, and you're not guaranteed the same stylist every time.

Best thing about the whole thing: It's hard not to get a good haircut in ATL. If you have a recommendation, please feel free to comment - I'd love to try it out!




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  • Phillip
    September 12, 2017 - 4:07 pm

    I hear I have some mad skills just OTP at Muse Salon and Spa in Johns Creek. 😉

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