Being outshined is no fun

Yes, I tend to have oily skin, but it's not too bad, and I tend to be able to keep it in check with good, daily routines and a few well-chosen products. My skin is also naturally shiny so even when it's squeaky clean it still has a 'polished' look. Not oily. Polished. And again: A few good products can usually keep it balanced.

And that's exactly what this whole thing is about - balance! Keep your skin clean by washing it daily (nights are preferred, but mornings are just fine too), and give it a gentle (and I mean gentle!) scrub once or twice a week (remember what I said about skin looking polished)? And then always use oil-free products that will moisturize but not nourish the skin to create oily 'run-off.'

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In the past year, I have discovered these three products that have helped me with my shininess. Let's start with the Kiehl's for Men Oil Eliminator which promises 24 hours anti-shine. It's a decent moisturizer, and it does mattify the skin to some degree, but I did need to reapply during the day to keep me shine-free.

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The The Seriously Shine-Free Moisturizer by Formula 10.0.06 specializes in clearing skin, so naturally, anti-shine is in their repertoire. And this product really works when it comes to anti-shine but less when it comes to moisturizing. My skin feels a little taught after a while as if it hasn't gotten quite enough moisture - but I tend to live with it because my skin is matte!

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Finally, there is a little trickster product by Peter Thomas Roth which has proven to be quite the savior many a time. The Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel is a silicone product which should always be used with a moisturizer because it will only lie on the surface of your skin. That being said, you can just apply it on top of your moisturizer once it's absorbed, and if you wear makeup, it also serves as an excellent primer.

So there you have it - no reason to be outshined with a few, select products!


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