Long Live Lang!

I remember when this one came out in 2000. My best friend picked it up (which, of course, meant that it was off limits to me), but it didn't stop me from falling in love with the musky, floral character of the scent that was both clean and dirty at the same time. At some point, my friend decided to stop wearing it and actually gave the last bit to me. And I wore that tiny sliver of scent like there was no tomorrow. Except there was.

Photo: PR

Helmut Lang's Cologne was discontinued after just a few years for no apparent reason other than Helmut Lang himself was going through a tumultuous time which culminated with the designer retiring from the fashion world in 2005.

Lucky for everyone, the fragrances (Eau de Cologne, Eau de Parfum and Cuiron) were relaunched late 2015, which in the meantime had become cult favorites that were auctioned off online for staggering amounts.

To perfume enthusiasts like me, the relaunch once again proves that well-made perfumery will outlast even bad or short-lived marketing.


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