What I’d like my summer to smell like

True to form and continuing the thread from last week's post about my summer fragrances,  my head began buzzing about what fragrances could be great to include in my summer scent wardrobe.

Photo: PR

The first one has been a favorite for years because of its wonderful green fig notes which sweetness has been subdued by dry wood notes that almost lend a crisp mineral quality to the fragrance. You get a sense of the warmth and sweetness of the fruit, but also of the sun warming the earth and rock. It's really quite remarkable.

Photo: PR

The second could-be summer favorite is Etat Libre d'Orange by Tom of Finland. If you are at all familiar with the art of Tom of Finland, you know that it is an ode to masculine beauty and a celebration of homoerotic imagery. I've only briefly smelled this one, but it made a lasting impression because it can best be described as a clean leather scent. No tar or heavy tobacco but just hints of leather over a freshly composed scent accord flanked by woods and hints of vanilla. It's elegant, sexy, and so perfect to spritz on freshly showered skin.


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