July 2017

Leave it to Tom

Leave it to Tom Ford to create some of the best grooming products for men out there. Of course, there's his fashion but I have always been very impressed with the grooming game of Tom Ford which is also way more accessible!

Not only the many excellent fragrances in and out of his private collection but his skin care products are also on point. Plus he doesn't shy away from the fact that men occasionally also need specialty products like a concealer, a brow groomer or a skin serum to look your very best.

Photo: MH

What's on my shelf is the Purifying Face Cleanser and the Exfoliating Energy Scrub.I use the cleanser every day and the scrub once or twice a week.

You only need a dab of the cleanser which turns into a light and smooth foam when applied to the face - and of course, Mr. Ford has scented it wonderfully adding to the pleasure of using it. Yes, it is $49 but you have it for a long time which balances the cost. My skin feels clean and soothed but not stripped or tight after use, and it's well-prepared for the days I shave.


The scrub is formulated with crushed apricot seeds which are gentle on the skin - but you should never scrub the skin hard since the product only works on the surface of the skin, and extensive rubbing could create tears and irritation. The scrub lives up to its energizing name with a gingery scent which leaves the skin feeling polished and very fresh. Always follow with a moisturizer after scrubbing since the skin is left a little open and sensitized.

If you want to check out more of Tom Ford's grooming regimen, you can go here - I also highly recommend the oil-free moisturizer and I think my next purchase is going to be one the soap bars and the skin concentrate.


What I’d like my summer to smell like

True to form and continuing the thread from last week's post about my summer fragrances,  my head began buzzing about what fragrances could be great to include in my summer scent wardrobe.

Photo: PR

The first one has been a favorite for years because of its wonderful green fig notes which sweetness has been subdued by dry wood notes that almost lend a crisp mineral quality to the fragrance. You get a sense of the warmth and sweetness of the fruit, but also of the sun warming the earth and rock. It's really quite remarkable.

Photo: PR

The second could-be summer favorite is Etat Libre d'Orange by Tom of Finland. If you are at all familiar with the art of Tom of Finland, you know that it is an ode to masculine beauty and a celebration of homoerotic imagery. I've only briefly smelled this one, but it made a lasting impression because it can best be described as a clean leather scent. No tar or heavy tobacco but just hints of leather over a freshly composed scent accord flanked by woods and hints of vanilla. It's elegant, sexy, and so perfect to spritz on freshly showered skin.


What My Summer Smells Like

Even though there is nothing like the smell of warm skin, it is no secret that I am a huge fragrance fanatic. I rarely leave the house with a spritz, and I have learned that I tend to obsess about certain fragrances and will use them religiously while almost completely abandoning everything else on my shelf.

This summer is no different: I am obsessing over two fragrances. One is a 10-year-old companion and the other is a fresh take on a previous fave of mine.

Let's start with the newcomer: Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino Acqua - a fresher, aquatic take on the Neroli Portofino from 2011. I love the original but there is something even more sparkling and clear about the Acqua sister that just makes me want to spray it on several times a day. It carries the 2011 original with it beautifully, but the top citrus notes are enhanced and lightened so it is more uncomplicated and fresh. Yes, please!

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua and Escentric Molecules 01. Photo: MH

Now on to the fragrance that celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year, and that I have worn ever since it was launched back in Berlin, Germany. I actually had the pleasure of meeting the creator, Geza Schoen, and he talked about how this fragrance was not a traditional fragrance with scent notes, top, heart, and bottom. Instead, it is a more experience-based scent that will react with your skin and allow others more than yourself to get a sensation of the fragrance.

The formula of using only Iso E Super - a molecule traditionally used to enhance actual scent notes - remains unchanged. And so does people's reaction to it. No other fragrance (or I should say scent) has garnered more reactions from others who want to lean in and smell more - and that's exactly what a good scent should do. I have even tried this on several friends who were amazed at the response they got from simply wearing a molecule on their skin that they could hardly smell themselves.

So, those were my two summer scents? What fragrances will you be wearing this summer? Leave a comment below :-).

Love the Look!

File It Under Good-Looking Nails

A quick update to recommend a great little tool that is keeping my hands and nails Nailslooking good without constantly having to go get manicures (and pedicures) all the time. The Multi-Use Nail Tool from Tweezerman is developed for men, but I would definitely recommend it for everyone - that also means you will have to find it under their 'Men' section when clicking through their website.

Multi-Use Nail Tool by Tweezerman

The file is one of the best I have tried and won't file your nails razor-sharp like other files would - and it's metal (nickel) so it'll last forever. The stainless steel ends are a combined cuticle pusher and nail cleaner, and the whole thing is easy to clean after each use, just rinse with water.