February 2016

Funny Because It’s True

If you haven't come across this gem of a trailer for the movie Zoolander 2 yet, you have to stop reading right now and watch it! Apart from being a stellar piece of comedic perfection, it also falls into the 'funny because it's true' category.

Because even though this is an excellent parody, its comedy actually hits pretty close to home. We've all seen or read advertising for beauty and cosmetic products or treatments that do exactly what Kristen Wiig's Zoolander character Alexanya Atoz does in this ad for her 'Youth Milk': Over-promising and the basis of faux science and outrageous claims.

Sure, the cosmetic industry spends millions searching for ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, but no creme will make you look like a baby again.

Luckily, the majority of trends in the field of skincare point in a different direction where honesty about ingredients and effects are more down to earth. That also means that the traditional beauty advertising mold is slowly being broken down to pave the way for a more realistic message that doesn't claim that youth lies at the bottom of the creme jar. And that doesn't insist on the fact that 'when you look young, feel happy' as Alexanya Atoz states trying to force a smile from behind her many cosmetic procedures. 

Even though there is still a long way to go in terms of breaking that cosmetic mold, it is reassuring that even beauty giants like Lancôme and Estée Lauder insist on using less photo editing in their advertising in order to do away with false or unrealistic perceptions of the effect of beauty products.



Volumes for Your Skin

Lately I've been reading up on all things grooming and beauty related. And I mean all things because with these two books, you get just about every questions about skincare answered. In each their own way, these two books are excellent reads, and I HIGHLY recommend them both!

Beauty book

Let's start with Manmade by Kiehl's president, Chris Salgardo. The book recognizes the very important fact that men generally don't like to be categorized in broad strokes - especially when it comes to skincare, which for many guys can be an extremely personal thing. So what Salgado has done (brilliantly) with this book is to divide men into self-confirmed archetypes - the modern gentlemen, the hands-on man, the thrill seeker/limit pusher, rebel artist, and the renaissance man - which effectively does away with one-size fit all grooming guides once and for all. He provides the reader with the purpose of each and every product, and he gives great advice and guidance on just about anything from skincare over exercise to life hacks. With this book there is no excuse for not going pro with your skincare! Get at it Kiehls.com.

The second book - Sådan for du superhud - is by beauty writer extraordinaire, Anette Kristine Poulsen, who I'm lucky to call a great friend. I have already praised this book on social media, but it deserves a shout-out here as well. Because it is very, very good - and it's too bad that so far it's still only available in Danish. The book not only promises but delivers strategies on how to improve the look and feel of your skin no matter what skin type you have. It gives you tools on how to choose the right products for your skin, and how to greatly improve your with everything from targeted beauty products, treatments, and lifestyle choices. The 'No Bullsh*t Beauty' tag line on the cover really holds up because unlike many other beauty books, there is no over-promising or fake statements, but instead a solid guide through the jungle of beauty products. You can get it right here (but remember, it's in Danish!).