Could It Be The Best Ever?

My all time favorite hair product used to be this one, but now there's a new contender that could possibly claim the styling throne - at least on my product shelf!

I discovered it while getting a haircut at a fave Atlanta barbershop, where the styling left my hair looking shiny, but not bruleed, and not like it was glued to my scalp. And then it smelled really well too!

Photo: MH

Photo: MH

Reuzel is originally from the Holland's Rotterdam where its creators Leen & Bertus wanted to create modern hair styling rooted in traditional barbershop culture. Add to that influences of rock'n'roll and subculture and you have Reuzel hair products - even the name Reuzel, which means lard in Dutch, is a throwback to old-school barber where that was what you would brush into the hair to make it shiny.

The product in the red can (which is the one I use) is a water-based high-shine pomade that will lock in your locks all day, but will rinse out easily using only water. You need to have a little moisture in your hair to get that perfect lacquer shine, but you can definitely use it as a regular wax as well for a less shiny look. Another point on the plus side is that your hair seems to get overall healthier and stronger after use like it was a leave-in conditioner.

If you want to get your executive cut into this product (and a bunch of other cool stuff too), you can so right here.




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