BB Baby!

Since the trend started in Asia a couple of years back, BB creams have been more and more momentum both in the States and in Europe. And it is understandable, because it is one of those fool-proof products that is virtually impossible to go wrong with.

From top left corner and clockwise: Estée Lauder Daywear BB Beauty Benefit Creme, MAC Fortified Skin Enhancing Illuminateur, Embryolisse Secret de Macquilleurs, L'Oréal Parise Nude Magique BB Cream, The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream
photo: MH

The strange thing is that a BB cream - short for Beauty Benefit or Blemish Balm - is neither a makeup nor a moisturizer. It is both those combined with sunscreen protection (in most cases) and other protective and caring ingredients like anti-oxidants. What you end up with is a fool-proof lightly tinted moisturizing cream, which will even out minor skin flaws and protect and care for your skin at the same time without even the faintest hint of makeup on your skin.

So instead of covering up your skin, you reveal the best version of your own skin, because it is never concealed just enhanced, which is why it is safe to use by both men and women. I know that a lot of guys would never dream of wearing anything remotely close to makeup, but rest assured that this product is nothing like a makeup and even completely invisible on your skin - so it is safe to use on those days where your skin needs a little help to look fresh.




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